Sponsor a Year

We will provide our valuable Horizons program remotely this summer to our 100+ Greenwich public School boys because we cannot let this pandemic reverse the wonderful progress we have achieved. This year, our Horizons work is needed more that ever. With your help, we can continue to make a difference.

Sponsor a Year $3,800*

Your gift provides 6 weeks of Horizons programming over one summer, including:

  • 39 hours of language arts
  • 31 hours of math
  • 15 hours of STEAM
  • 12 hours of swim lessons
  • 6 educational field trips
  • Hands-on experiences growing vegetables, hatching chicks and raising butterflies
  • 2 healthy meals and 2 snacks daily

Your gift also covers 6 Saturdays during the school year, including:

  • 15 hours of academic classes
  • 6 hours of family education
  • 15 hours of bilingual parent workshops
  • Healthy breakfast and snack

Sponsor a Career $35,000*

Your gift represents 100% of the costs for a student’s Kindergarten through 8th grade experience, including all aspects of his 9-year journey through the Horizons program

Thank you

To recognize your generous sponsorship, we invite you to:

  • Read to a classroom
  • Attend special events
  • Participate in summer and/or Saturday visits
  • Receive special recognition

*Based on current estimated costs per student   

** Sponsorship gifts directly fund annual operating costs and have an immediate impact on a Horizons student

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