Sponsor a Year

Sponsor a Year $3,800*

Your gift provides 6 weeks of Horizons programming over one summer, including:

  • 39 hours of language arts
  • 31 hours of math
  • 15 hours of STEAM
  • 12 hours of swim lessons
  • 6 educational field trips
  • Hands-on experiences growing vegetables, hatching chicks and raising butterflies
  • 2 healthy meals and 2 snacks daily

Your gift also covers 6 Saturdays during the school year, including:

  • 15 hours of academic classes
  • 6 hours of family education
  • 15 hours of bilingual parent workshops
  • Healthy breakfast and snack

Sponsor a Career $35,000*

Your gift represents 100% of the costs for a student’s Kindergarten through 8th grade experience, including all aspects of his 9-year journey through the Horizons program

Thank you

To recognize your generous sponsorship, we invite you to:

  • Read to a classroom
  • Attend special events
  • Participate in summer and/or Saturday visits
  • Receive special recognition

*Based on current estimated costs per student   

** Sponsorship gifts directly fund annual operating costs and have an immediate impact on a Horizons student

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