We will provide our valuable Horizons program remotely this summer to our 100+ Greenwich public School boys because we cannot let this pandemic reverse the wonderful progress we have achieved. This year, our Horizons work is needed more that ever. With your help, we can continue to make a difference.

Horizons at Brunswick Board of Directors

Jill Ciporin, Vice Chair

Nancy Better

Terry Boyd

Frank Carroll, Treasurer

Edith Cooper

John & Jill Coyle

Cort Delany

James DeNaut

Maryellen & Feeley

Ellen Flanagan

Kathleen Harrington

Carlos Hernandez

Sally Mann

Alexandra Marks, Chair

Lisa G. Matthews

Thomas Murray

Suzanne Peisch

Jeffrey Pribyl

Angela Riera

Jeanne Savitt

Charles M. Shaffer III

Kathleen Signer

Robert Taylor

Dee Winokur

Ex Officio

Marianne Ho Barnum, Executive Director

Thomas Philip, Headmaster of Brunswick School

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